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Our Team


Fox and mtn grrl have been in a committed relationship since 1980 and are still enjoying each other and exploring new thoughts and ideas together!  They began their journey into the BDSM realm in 2004. 


They have years of experience mentoring individuals and couples in this journey.  They also offer BDSM 101 Workshops monthly for those who are curious about the BDSM lifestyle. ​


Fox led the Denver Dominant's Discussion group for over a decade. mtn grrl has co-facilitated the Denver submissive's Discussion group since 2011. Together, they teach various topics relating to BDSM. mtn grrl also leads Clothing Optional Yoga Classes in the Denver area and online.​

They believe that their involvement in the BDSM lifestyle has improved their communication skills, and it has kept their lives exciting and interesting as they continue their journey together. ​


mtn grrl has completed her training and is certified to facilitate Intentional Orgasm. She has found this form of energy work to be transformative. She looks forward to sharing this transformation with you!

joined hands in an intimate relationship
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